Another Cloudy Day

Its raining, and the weather is just awesome, its that climate where you want a cup of coffee with some delicious fries and a long drive after it, and you want to do all this stuff not alone but someone who is close to your heart, one who can feel you and make you feel for them, it may be your mom, or your friends, or someone very special. We all need that one person, who guide us when we are wrong, who protect us from fear of failure, who is their for the support and nourishment that our heart needs, its difficult to climb the ladder without the support, though its not impossible. They bring our life on track, they make our day and night complete, their smile is our happiness, and they bring smile to our face, and give us the boon which is hope, peace and harmony. They bring out the best from us and yet do not ask for any recognition, or credit for it. Our purpose is completed because of them, they have the power to create and destroy, they are the essential part of the human race, without them the life on earth would have been questionable. If you guessed it correct, then you either already have them in your life, or you just another incomplete man like me. Yes, I am talking about women, they have so many forms, mother, wife, friend, sister, above all and my favorite a guide. Well, talking about today I feel like this because its the climate, I can’t help it. Every time there is such a climate out there I feel like this.

But I also keep telling me this that one day, it wont matter at all because, you will have everything you want and then also you want be happy, we as human being are breed like this so that we keep struggling for survival, and at every stage there is struggle, every moment, every relationship is struggle. In fact we even have to struggle for our love, happiness, passion, work, peace, and harmony. Can you imagine….??? Struggle for happiness and love how is that even possible. Well the bitter truth is this yes when you love someone, something, or your work then and only then my friend you will able to survive and that too successfully. Ever wondered why break up has increased now a days or divorce….???? Well this is the truth of my life my friend, they give up too easily and are not even willing to struggle at very initial stage, so they end up miserably. Its is not only for the lovers but also for you work, your health, even your passion and what not.

Well I haven’t spoken on the behalf of women here or I am not trying to portrait them as hero, I am just trying to make this world understand what they actually mean in this earth’s ecosystem.

Well speaking of other things its just another cloudy day….!!!

What I learned….????

“Don’t just desire what you love, but also have the courage to fight for it”


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